Oddments of information about the Regency era (by no means encyclopedic).  Not all of these are utterly reliable–What Jane Austen Ate, etc., is fun but has errors even I found; some biographies are baldly partisan (pro or con).  My best advice: read as much as you can and make up your own mind!


George IV, The Rebel Who Would Be King, Christopher Hibbert, Macmillan, 2002

George IV, Regent and King, Christopher Hibbert, Harper and Row, 1975

George IV, Christopher Hibbert, Penguin, 2002

Nelson, Oliver Warner, Follett Pub., 1975

Wellington: The Years of the Sword, Elizabeth Longford, Harper and Row, 1969

The Prince of Pleasure, Saul David, Grove Press, 2002

What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew, Daniel Pool, Simon and Schuster, 1993

Georgiana, Duchess of Devonshire, Amanda Foreman,

Perdita, the Literary, Theatrical, Scandalous Life of Mary Robinson, Paula Byrne, Random, 2006

The London Monster, a Sanguinary Tale
, Ian Sonderson, DaCapo Press, 2001

The Maul and the Pear Tree, P.D. James and Thomas Critchley, Warner Books, 2002

The Hellfire Club, Daniel Mannix, I Books, 2001

1811 Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue, Francis Grose

An Elegant Madness, Venetia Murray, Penguin, 2002

Memoirs, Harriette Wilson


The A to Z of Regency London, Harry Margary/Guildhall Library London, 1985  — maps of London from the period itself.  Fabulous.

Walking Notorious London, Andrew Duncan, Passport Books, 2001

Dr. Johnson’s London, Liza Picard, St. Martins Griffin, 2000

London, Biography of a City, Christopher Hibbert, Longmans, 1969


Flaxman’s Illustrations to Homer, John Flaxman, Dover, 1977

Ackerman’s Costume Plates (1818-1828), ed. Stella Blum, Dover, 1978

20,000 Years of Fashion, François Boucher, Abrams (no date given)

What People Wore, Douglas Gorsline, Bonanza Books, 1959

Patterns of Fashion I: 1660-1860, Janet Arnold, Drama Publishers, 1977

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